Saturday, June 27, 2009

Qatar : Eye Catching

Qatar eyes are focussing on the greenery of peninsula. The Govt. Enhances the number of smaller farms. As a result the dramatic increase among the nationals and expatriates farms and gardens are crop up. Their stimulus is very comprehensible, and that would be the vegetation for their cohort which are not just meet by any of their analogous resources. Their resources varies to vegetables, cereals fruits and dates, also animal farms and eggs.

Qatar : Nazare

Phoenix dactylifera, commonly referred as dates, even though its exact native distribution is unknown. The most occurring plant in this region is not just because of its scope of food. From the roots to the kernel Date Palm Tree is a worth for the people surrounded by it.

Date fruits recompense a very important feature in Islamic ethnicity and religious conviction. The pursue of Breaking the fasting with date fruits are very well recommended by the Islam and health specialists, Based on its highly contents of fiber and protein. Their nutritional value is miraculous. Dates are recommended to all age and with any kind of health condition.
Shaj Qatari

Ajoobi : Qatar : Al bidda park, Doha

Qatar pays its all credibility to the world by offering its diversities in a unique a sense of passion.
The fusion of modern and traditional ideas brighten the prudence of wide acceptance by all kinds of its visitors. It’s a mind blowing architecture view from Al bidda park, Doha
Shaj Qatari

Green : Qatar

Qatar : Enchanting

Qatar , Emarathein